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The saying is that the Hungarians are a wine drinking nation. There are certain contradictions to the claim, however, in market research data. Of course, the development of a wine consuming public is not only measured in the amount, but rather in the quality of wine consumed. Close to one-third of the country's inhabitants consume no wine at all, while a significant number of holiday imbibers as well as regular consumers usually purchase cheap, discount wines. Another unpleasant fact is that in recent years the amount of imported wine on store shelves has risen by about fifteen times, most of which is of grossly inferior quality sold at incredibly low prices. The Vinea Wine Merchants, through the constant maintenance of this homepage, would like to be of service to those who drink and love the quality wines produced by the expert wine-makers of Hungary.

A honlapon található tartalom a Vinea Bt. szellemi tulajdona, ezért fenntart minden, a lap bármely részének bármilyen módszerrel történő másolásával és terjesztésével kapcsolatos jogot. A laphoz tartozó oldalak tartalmát nemzetközi és magyar törvények védik.

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